No. 6 Prop 8

Prop 8. Also known as Prop. hate or Prop H8.  November 4th was one of the greatest days ever as we had our first African-American President. It was also a sad day as rights were taken away for the gay community in California.

The right to gay marriage was overturned early this year and gay couples were planning gettign married right away.  From the couple who had been together for 40 years, to the famous Ellen marrying her girl Portia, to those who went to Hawaii, where it is legal to get married, to those who may not have thought of it.  Then, on the ballot for the next election, prop 8 appeared.  Yes on 8 if you are against gay marriage, no if you are for.  Designed to confuse, it seemed it would be beat.

But it wasn't. It still confused most voters and yes, a higher black voter turn out may have had something to do with it.  People were confused thinking voting yes meant they were for it.  Protests happened.  Protests for rights.  Protests for those who stood in their way to be happy: The Mormon Church.  Seriously.  One of the most criticized religions with multiple wives was trying to save the sanctity of marriage .  Seriously?

This is rights.  This is the right to see your significant other recover in a hospital. to make decisions on their well-being.  For so many things that many people who are allowed to marry maybe do not think about.  This whole thing stinks. 

As soon as church got involved with state, the sanctity of marriage was gone.  If you are so worried about the sanctity of marriage, maybe you should go after divorced couples, which the rate is still on the rise.  Others were upset that there should have been protests before the election and not so sure that it wouldn't it pass.

It is going back to the courts and make no mistake, it will be overturned, but those who think they are against gay marriage, think about the past where you could not marry someone outside your race, to the ones who forget how hard they had to work to become a citizen of this country, to those whose relatives were held in camps because of thier religion, to the women who did not have the right to vote and were treated like 2nd class citizens, and those were discriminated over a stupid, stupid thing as color for generations, remember once, you and your people did not have rights. 

Who are you to take those rights away?-Dr.FB