Kanye West Remains Silent On Tour Cancellation

Kanye West File Photo
Kanye West File Photo

Kanye West File Photo

So far, Kanye West has remained silent on the announcement of the "Fame Kills" tour being cancelled. Knowing my luck, he just posted a response on his blog. But as I am writing this, he hasn't.

His silence is surprising because he usually writes there all the time to responses or other things that concern him. Nothing yet as questions loom.

Did he want the tour to be cancelled? Did 50 Cent who recently called it the "Gay Tour" have anything to do with his decision? Was he always wanting to back out? Are the rumors of him going to rehab true?

Last weekend at Common's fund raiser concert where Kanye performed to a electric crowd happy to see him, we hear that Kanye turned into a diva over drinks and food not being offered to him and being upset he had to ask before he got it.  Maybe they should called it the "Diva Tour" and when is Kanye going to grow up?

Listen, we all know what Kanye did at VMA's was just Kanye being Kanye. It was blown out of proportion even though it was hella rude.  Are we forgetting his controversial Rolling Stone cover where he came off as Jesus Christ even though he said that was not how he meant it?  You ever seen Kanye's MTV Diary?  He has been doing this stuff for a while. Even if it is Kanye being Kanye, after a while, people do get tired of it.

He is talented without a doubt musically. His people skills totally suck and you can't argue that. What I do call into question is what he tries to accomplish off the stage and out of the studio.  Straight up, Kanye is an artist at war with himself and has a lot of personal issues he needs to get a handle of.

In a few words or less, I am calling Kanye out. I am awaiting your response. Don't be silent. If you get pissed, just call me a bunch of names playing on my name. Other people do it. It makes them think they are cool. But Kanye, do us all a favor and stop being silent and let out that inner bitch of what really happened. You know you want to.

So what do you think of Kanye's reaction to the tour cancellation?-Dr.FB