Report: Danny Gans Died Accidentally

DANNY GANS File Photo.
DANNY GANS File Photo.

DANNY GANS File Photo.

Danny Gans death last month has now been ruled an accidental overdose caused by a prescription pain killer. The coroner says he died from toxic levels of hydromorphone, which is in the prescription drug dilaudid and he was using it to heal chronic pain.

It is now revealed Danny had heart disease which was caused by high blood pressure.  Making the heart work overtime was also Gans suffering from polycythemia, which is the opposite of say someone being anemic, where his body was producing too many red blood cells.

He took the medicine for a while it seems as he had two shoulder surgeries while playing baseball back in the day and he used the medicine for that.

This story is a sad one and I hope his family found the answers that they needed so they can be in peace.-Dr.FB