Mystery Donor Gives Ill Girl A Jonas Brother’s Gift

A critically ill 12-year old Seattle girl was able to fulfill one of her dreams~ attend a Jonas Brother's concert. 

Jessica Walker's five month stay at the Seattle Children's Hospital has been brutal.  She is battling a brain tumor and has had twenty surgeries.  With each operation, she loses a bit of herself.  She is no longer able to walk, speak, or move.  Her loved ones watch helpless. 

Thanks to a donor, Jessica's family was able to take Jessica to see The Jonas Brother's at the Tacoma Dome on Sunday Night.  Even though Jessica could not speak or move, her eyes told a story of her fairytale dream coming true. She was all smiles and her eyes where as big as the deep blue sea. 

Not only did she get to see the concert, she also got to meet the boys. 

"Seeing her smile and her eyes just going huge — it's like we're getting a piece of our Jessica back," said Cheryl Walker, Jessica's mother.

"We really didn't know and think Jessica would ever be able to anything like this — go to the concert. This is huge," said Scott Walker, Jessica's father.

Just what the doctor ordered :)  Thank you to the donor, he/she remains a mystery but has changed a child's life and given her a reason to smile through the pain.