Salma Hayek’s Generous Breasts

Salma Hayek/File photo


Salma Hayek/File photo

Salma Hayek/File photo

No, it's not THAT kind of a story. Sicko.

Salma Hayek caused quite a stir recently when on a goodwill trip to Sierra Leone, she breast-fed another woman's baby. She and ABC's Nightline filmed the trip to the African nation to bring awareness of the dire need for tetanus vaccinations. Tetanus is one of the leading causes of death for children in that country, due in large part to inadequate health services and education.

While there, Salma took the opportunity to counter the stigma of breast-feeding that doctors say also contribute to the high infant mortality rate in that country. She breastfed the baby boy and cameras caught the moment, spurring instant YouTube and website uploads and mostly positive reactions. Said one eloquent blogger, "Her left breast has now done more for humanity in a few minutes than I've done in roughly my whole life."

See boys? They aren't just for fun!

You can read more about Hayek's trip to Sierra Leone here.