Ski Accident

Update On Natasha Richardson’s Condition

As of late this morning, Natasha is still alive.  Unfortunately, she is brain dead and has been taken off of life support.  At this point, all immediate family member’s are by her side. According to “People Magazine”, There is no chance for Richardson, family holds a vigil for her in New York.

Update: Natasha Richardson Is To Be Taken Off Life Support

It is looking more and more likely that Natasha Richardson will not pull thru and reliable sources are telling us that she is going to be taken off of life support. This is a sad situation and we will keep you informed of any changes.-Dr.FB

Natasha Richardson Did Not Pass Away!

Bad journalism and blogging happened today as reports of Natasha Richardson passing away hit the wires. Those reports and bloggers who posted the info as truth are wrong. She is alive, as we reported, and is in very serious condition. Our thoughts and prayers are still with Natasha and her family. Remember, if the information […]

Natasha Richardson In Hospital After Hit To Head

Natasha Richardson is in a hospital in Montréal after a skiing accident. We are told the injury is very serious. Liam Neeson, her husband, is with her right now. This was first reported by Irish News Here. She was about to appear with her mother Vanessa Redgrave on a Broadway revival.  Our thoughts and prayers […]