Soccer Player Cristiano Ronando: Shirtless And Sexy

Cristiano Ronaldo www.blogspot.com
Cristiano Ronaldo www.blogspot.com

Cristiano Ronando www.blogspot.com

Oh!! My temperature is a risin', and I like it.  Ronando is one of the sexiest soccer players out there, and he knows it. 

Cristiano led his Manchester United Squad To victory over FC Porto 1-0.  Scoring the only goal in the game, he sunk a 40 meter shot inside the top corner of Porto's goal, sending the crowd into a frenzy.

I know, you could care less about the 'football' game, but I kinda like the sport. :)

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  1. Anyone who likes soccer and everything about soccer must be thrilled with this article… I’m just a little bit sad that there is no more comments on this article…

  2. This guy simply rocks!!!!!!!

  3. His name is RoNaldo! NOT RoLando ???

  4. simply beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. ‘Oh!! My temperature is a risin’, and I like it. Rolando is one of the sexiest soccer players out there, and he knows it. ‘

    What The


    i was like Dr. Funkenberry did not just say that! lol Then I read up who posted and it was u Nurse Goodbody :)

  6. Delicious candy indeed, but with the personality of a brick wall

  7. Ihope u didn’t write that dr funkenberry lol

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