Twitter And FaceBook Down Due To A Political Attack?

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So, how many of you will admit you had Twitter and/or FB  withdrawals a few times this past week?  No need to be embarrassed, both the good Doc and I got the ‘shakes’ at least once this past week as well.  Personally I felt more of the withdrawal and frustration on Face Book .  So what has caused all of the errors and down time? I’ve heard some weird theories, but I guess  both sites where attacked.

Here’s what PCW Business Center is saying:

“Evidence gathered thus far from Twitter and other sites targeted by the DDoS attacks seems to suggest that the attack is actually a politically motivated attack aimed at silencing a Georgian activist. The victim, known by the online handle Cyxymu, uses blogs and social media sites like Twitter and Facebook to express views related to the tensions between Russia and Georgia. In a blog post, Mikko Hypponen, Chief Research Officer of Internet security firm F-Secure, said “Launching DDoS attacks against services like Facebook is the equivalent of bombing a TV station because you don’t like one of the newscasters.

To defend itself against the ongoing DDoS attack, Twitter has implemented various defensive actions, some of which are blocking third-party Twitter applications from being able to connect with Twitter API’s. The mitigating steps are also affecting the ability of many users to post to their Twitter accounts via SMS (short message service) text messages”.

This is scary, a DDoS attack,  a crazy Georgian ‘Cyxymu’ activist, the war between Russia and Gerogia, and last but not least comparing the attack to bombing a TV station because you don’t like the newscasters! WTF??

Let’s see how long it takes before this off the wall sh** is made into a multi-million dollar movie…..




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