Couple Of The Moment: Russell Brand & Katy Perry

Cameras caught Katy Perry and Russell Brand holding hands yesterday as rumors have surfaced they hooked up at last months MTV's VMA's where Brand was hosting.

No word yet if the sex is hot n cold but we have a feeling it is quite steamy. Russell Brand and Katy Perry? Wow.-Dr.FB

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  1. @ Georgie. Ohw oke hehe. ;)
    He’s kinda sexy I must admit

  2. I feel sorry for her, Travis?(That was nasty) But Russell? OMFG(Disgusting!!)

  3. I went there once, she won’t be disappointed if she’s up for a seriously debauched session

  4. downgrade? Russell is hilarious, very clever and good looking – don’t know if he is capable of sticking to one woman but if its just a fun fling good luck to them, why not?

  5. Why the would she go from Travis to Russel? That’s like a downgrade.

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