Little Trent’s Story…A Call For Help

Trenton Burdett

Trenton Burdett

For now, we are going to take a break from norm.  This is not a story of Glamorous Hollywood, movie stars, or anything related to the celebrity world.  This is a story about real people and their need for help.

A family friend of the Doctors, recently sent out a message to all friends on Myspace and Facebook asking for prayers for her nephew Trent.  I had heard about little Trent and that he was having some issues, but I did not know the extent.

Trenton Burdett is a sweet, beautiful, lively, cuddly 3 year old little boy with a loving, close-knit family that loves him more than words can describe.  Trent was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia in February of this year.  The family was informed that he would have to undergo Chemotherapy for the next 2 and a half years.  We all know how awful Chemo can be and what kind of toll it takes on you.  But for a 3 year old boy to have to deal with that its just not fair.

Four weeks ago, Trent started having a fever every night,  He was admitted and was given antibiotics.  Unfortunately, the antibiotics given were too much for his little system and it ended up killing all of the good bacteria that is supposed to be in his stomach.  After he received a CT Scan, the doctors discovered that he had a rare form of pneumonia called  Pneumocystis Jiroveci in both of his lungs.  This type of pneumonia is fungal and affects the lung tissue.

Right now, Trent is on an Oscillator that is breathing for him and recently had him on 100% oxygen.  They are taking multiple x-rays daily to keep tabs on his health.  Unfortunately, there has been little improvement.  They are giving him steroids and anti-fungal meds intravenously and they are keeping him sedated at all times.

His Mom (Lana Albright) and his Dad (Jason Burdett) are with him everyday.  The only time they are away is when they go home to Trent’s older sister Alexis who is 10 and brother Riley who is 8.

This has been yet another horrible sickness to affect the family.  Early this year, Lori, Lana’s older sister and Trent’s aunt, was diagnosed with cervical cancer.  She had three surgeries due to complications and when she had a hysterectomy, they had severed her urethra.  And last December, Lori and Lana’s father was diagnosed with rectal cancer.  He had surgery the day after Easter and is maintaining.

With all the stress of illness and medical care, this family is suffering.  The family did not ask me to write this story.  I took it upon myself as I know we have many wonderful and devoted readers who visit our site regularly.  I submitted this story in hopes that you, our readers, may be able to help.

The family is from Mason City Iowa and Centerville, Iowa.  They have been taking up donations at their local video store, which just so happens to be family owned.  But with the most horrible luck, not once, but twice, their donations were stolen.  And with Trent’s mother spending every waking minute with her children and having to drive several hours a day to get to and from Mason City to Des Moines where Trent is currently hospitalized, she is not able to work.  His father has not been able to work either and what little bit of money they have, it is used for gas.  Lana, Jason, Alexis and Riley have also been forced to move in with Lori, her husband and children because of their financial state.  This has been a horrible time for them.  And until Trent recovers, it’s not going to improve.

My goal is to help this amazing, loving, strong family gain some support.  I have an address where any donations will be accepted and most appreciated.  My heart is aching for them and I am begging you all to take this into consideration.  They are really good people an after all they have endured, they deserve some good to come their way.

The address where donations are being accepted:

Lana Albright
2000 Quail Ridge
Centerville, IA 52544

There is also a website where people can send e-greetings to little Trent and his family:

Select Blank Children’s Hospital in the Hospital drop down.

Please keep this family in your prayers.



  • Dylan Wiseman
    Posted at 10:12h, 10 December

    Well, the post is in reality the sweetest on this noteworthy topic. I totally agree with your conclusions and will thirstily look forward to your forthcoming updates. Just saying thanks will not just be adequate, for the wonderful clarity in your writing. I will right away grab your rss feed to stay abreast of any updates. Fabulous work and much success in your business enterprise!

  • Aymi
    Posted at 10:14h, 01 November

    can you donate online from abroad?

  • Georgie
    Posted at 20:19h, 30 October

    Very sad indeed, hope little Trent will get through this ok. X

  • ertccty
    Posted at 00:28h, 30 October

    My prayers go out to Little Trent, his family and loved ones.

  • drfunkencherry
    Posted at 00:18h, 30 October

    yes…please post. any help is greatly appreciated.

    thank you! <3

  • NakedMuscl3
    Posted at 00:06h, 30 October

    Is it ok if I post this information on my FaceBook page?

  • :(
    Posted at 22:34h, 29 October

    Wow, this is really terrible. I will be praying for their family and little Trent. Both of my best friends lost a parent to cancer and their parents were so, so, so sick. Their parents had an incredibly difficult time. I can’t imagine watching a 3 yr old going through the same thing, let alone my 3 yr old son.

    Thank you for posting this. I really hope people can help out.

    God bless them.

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