Lindsay Lohan Found Unconscious In Hotel Room; Is Fine

Lindsay Lohan. Photo: GettyImages.com
Lindsay Lohan. Photo: GettyImages.com

Lindsay Lohan. Photo: GettyImages.com

ABC7 here in Los Angeles has just broken the story that Lindsay Lohan has been found unconscious at The Ritz Carlton Hotel In Marina Del Rey.

They are transporting her to the hospital.  When we have further info, will update.....

UPDATE:  Her lawyer has confirmed Lindsay is in the hospital and they are running tests on her and that she is fine.....

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  1. Very sad to see she is still having problems. I hope someday soon she takes herself out of the spotlight and takes the time to get real help. You can’t do both.
    I don’t know the specifics, but from my perspective it’s probably a concoction of different drugs and/or alcohol.
    Sadly, one of my best friends has been hooked on crystal meth since 2001. He’s been in and out of rehab ever since, but has yet to kick the habit. He’s 39 yrs old and looks about 55. The way he’s going he won’t likely live past 45.

  2. Good to read that she is fine.

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