• Immanuel6 (Tammy)
    Posted at 10:23h, 25 August

    Thank you Doc FB for all of the Prince and 3EG updates…much love my friend..

  • Immanuel6 (Tammy)
    Posted at 10:18h, 25 August

    RadioDazed  True, no doubt. However, Prince is Prince. Although you and I would love to see him get more music out of the vault for the world to hear, Prince works in Princeland time. I would love to see Prince obtain an excellent Entertainment and Patent Attorney who could better advise him regarding tying his music with TV and movies, however, Prince must have control over everything. It is his music and although I would love for the world to find out what we already know, that Prince is a music legend and genius, Prince will always do things at his time and pace.

  • funkatopia
    Posted at 08:46h, 25 August

    Prince to release 2 albums on 9/30. Online pre-order available now. View the track listings and also tune in to Doc’s Spreecast on Wednesday to chat about the news! http://funkatopia.com/funk-news/prince-to-release-two-albums-930/

  • RadioDazed
    Posted at 19:33h, 24 August

    @Immanuel6 (Tammy), In the 1980s, ‘Stand By Me’ by Ben E King; ‘Twist and Shout’ by the Beatles; and ‘What A Wonderful World’ by Louis Armstrong reentered the charts because of the popular movies they were featured in. A similar thing happened with ‘A Little Less Conversation’ by Elvis Presley years later, and there must be others. The point is, Prince has written and recorded many great songs that could ‘take off’ if they were smartly featured in movies, TV programs, advertisements, and internet ‘placement’. Prince will always draw large crowds to his live performances. But there are 6 or 7 billion people on Earth today, and Prince should use all means possible to reach as many of those people as he can with his older work and his newer work.

  • Immanuel6 (Tammy)
    Posted at 19:07h, 24 August

    RadioDazed¬† True, however, we are in a different time. In the 80’s, people were just catching on and up to who Prince was and is. Those of us who knew his genius from the 70’s weren’t surprised by his success. Now, although Prince doesn’t have a new single to promote, the entire music industry do not have the power to fuel media to push their artist like the industry had over 30 years ago, yet Prince is still around to see the demise of the music industry which he inspired. If it wasn’t for Prince, artist wouldn’t know how to market themselves on the internet. In the 80’s and 90’s, there was a raw excitement happening around Prince at time, but now, Prince is in control. Yet, he still has the power to command media attention. GMA understands that Prince has the ability to draw an audience. I am just hoping that Prince’s announcement deals with a tour and Purple Rain re-mastering information, if not, that is cool. I really just want to see Prince.

  • RadioDazed
    Posted at 18:33h, 24 August

    A lot of people saw Prince perform at the Essence Festival, but who has been talking about it since. That performance did not ‘push’ any Prince music up any charts. 30 years ago, anything Prince did generated record sales. Prince is the performer everyone wants to see; by ‘everyone’, I mean media insiders too. But, why don’t media insiders want to fill radio/television/internet with Prince creations? Prince needs a revolutionary marketing/advertising campaign to make people (a lot of new people – young and old) care about his creations. The 3rdEyeGirl work is an important part of what Prince does; he helps to nurture great talent and they all learn new things along the way. 36 years on now from 1978, and 35 years on from 1979, Prince should have some creative ideas of how to reintroduce some if his earliest work. Prince should open his Vault, but he should open it very creatively and very smartly – Radio, Television, and the Internet will notice if it is done well.

  • Immanuel6 (Tammy)
    Posted at 17:06h, 24 August

    RadioDazed I totally understand what you mean, but remember, Prince just performed at the Essence Festival to crowds over 50,000 as the headliner! Once Prince just owns himself aside from 3EG, then people will see Prince again. I love the 3EG project, but Prince needs to let 3EG go for awhile and focus on PR events with the time left in the year…I am praying that he doesn’t blow off the 30th anniversary of Purple Rain and his success prior to 3EG.

  • RadioDazed
    Posted at 13:11h, 24 August

    With so many people returning to school tomorrow, Prince’s ‘mega-announcement’ might not go over very well with all the retirees who spend their mornings watching Good Morning America. Prince will remain ‘a well-kept secret’ and an ‘underground superstar’ until he actually reconnects with wider consciousness and reestablishes a ‘Prince Zeitgeist’ that people relate to and enjoy.

  • Immanuel6 (Tammy)
    Posted at 10:45h, 24 August

    Listen, I don’t care if Prince and 3EG perform on GMA….I just want to see Prince. If the CDs aren’t coming out yet, that is cool. However, this is the 30th anniversary of PR..I JUST WANT TO SEE MORE PRINCE…PERIOD!

  • twil
    Posted at 20:54h, 23 August

    Prince is the greatest ever, I don’t see how that can be doubted. His musical talents are unmatched!!

  • RadioDazed
    Posted at 18:04h, 23 August


  • WillLane
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  • BigTallWall
    Posted at 10:44h, 23 August

    It better be free pancakes at IHOP, if u say to the waitress “where is PlectrumElectrum”?

  • RadioDazed
    Posted at 07:38h, 23 August

    If it is only a live performance, it is an anticlimactic announcement. If it has anything to do with consumers’ ability to pay money for Prince’s work – music, video, merchandise – it may approach ”mega-announcement”.

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