Video: John Cena’s “12 Rounds”

You must see this trailer.

OK. I have seen the so-called experts say that a certain movie will debut at number 1 and make over $40 million and then make around $12 million. Well, I decided to put my money where my mouth is and take a dark horse.

12 Rounds is a movie starring wrestler John Cena. It's premise, you can make out from the trailer above. I am saying this right now as unbelievable as it sounds, but 12 Rounds will make some serious box office bank. People are sleeping on it because it comes out the same weekend as Monsters versus Aliens.

I am not giving it the number 1 spot yet but it will debut to very respectable numbers. it's not Oscar material. It's not going to be one of the top 100 movie of all time. But, it has been a while since there has been an action movie and the movie business has not taken a hit in this economic time.

People go to the movies like they are going to entertainment blogs; to escape the economy and life troubles for about 2 hours.

Trust me on this. 12 Rounds will be worth your time. Unlike others, I am not out of touch, I AM the touch.-Dr.FB