Have $2,100? Then You Can Afford This “New” Prince Book!

Princeopus.com -- check all the "diamonds" for the full story

The Prince Opus is a luxurious experience for any Prince fan. It's more than the ultimate Prince publication, it's a multi-media delight with exclusive never-before-seen footage from the 21 Nights at the O2 Arena and the opportunity for one lucky person to have a private performance by Prince himself in Los Angeles. Need to know more? Then visit www.princeopus.com to find out more.

Hmm.  $2,100?

Hey Valentina, tell your mama she should give me a call, when she get tired of running after you down the hall....and see if she can put this on her credit card for me!  :)

Yesh.  Purple I-Pod be dayumd!-Dr.FB