WWE Wrestler Edge Forced Into Retirement

Edge. Photo: WWE.com

Edge. Photo: WWE.com

Less than a week after retaining his WWE World Heavyweight Championship, wrestler Edge, real name Adam Copeland, is being forced into retirement.

This is no storyline and for those that think wrestling is fake, take notice.  Edge had to have spinal surgery years ago which fused his neck, Edge was able to wrestle but with very little vertebrae to spare.  He recovered in 2010 from a torn ACL and has had numerous injuries through his wrestling career.

Lately, Edge has been experiencing numbness is in arms and legs and went to get checked out.  He is suffering some paralysis, also known as neuropraxia, and was declined medical clearance from the WWE, forcing Edge to have to retire.

Edge, 37 years old, said goodbye on the WWE show Raw last night, stating "It's better to leave walking than in a wheelchair" seemed humbled and sad at what had taken place.

Some have questioned that if this is a WWE storyline and I can confirm that it is not.  They will be having a tribute to Edge on the WWE Smackdown show which is being taped tonight but will air on Friday on the Syfy Network.

Edge leaves the WWE holding the championship belt a record 13 times and for being in what is to be believed one of the best Wrestlemania matches of all time, the Tables, Ladders, & Chairs event.  The WWE gave him 15 minutes air time last night to announce his retirement.-Dr.FB

Diagnosis: Goodbye Rated R Superstar.-Dr.FB