Are You Watching “Archer”?

I tuned into the adult cartoon, Archer this week and have to say, it's pretty funny. Suave, vain and overly confident, Sterling Archer is a brilliant secret agent who is inept in most other aspects in his life. His mother, Malory, is also his boss. Think of M from the Bond films but with a potty mouth and drink in hand...

Aisha Tyler voices Lana Kane, a strong, voluptuous and often exasperated star agent at ISIS who is also Sterling's former girlfriend. Lana is now dating Cyril Figgis (voiced by SNL alum Chris Parnell), the Comptroller nerd at the agency, and as a result is subject to much ridicule and humiliation from Archer.

Archer airs on FX, Thursday nights at 10. Set your DVR, I think you'll like this one.-Dr.FB