Toni Braxton Skipped DWTS Finale To Cancer Scare

Tonis Cancer Scare.  File Photo
Tonis Cancer Scare.  File Photo

Toni's Cancer Scare. File Photo

Toni Braxton skipped the Dancing With The Stars finale but wants people to know it was not because she did not win or any petty thing like that.  Girlfriend had a cancer scare!!!!

TMZ is reporting that Toni noticed a lump on her breast even before the season started for Dancing With The Stars and was told she would to remove that thing right there and now.  Braxton decided not to have the surgery until after the was bounced from the show.  She had it afterwards and it was benign.  Still recovering from the surgery when the finale rolled around, she skipped  it and did not perform.

OK, first let me say, Toni I am glad you are ok.  Second, you should have had the surgery when you first found out!  You beat a heart attack earlier this year but come on!  Did you need the money that you put that over your health. 

Any women who are reading this, if you ever feel a lump in your breast, get it checked out immediately!  If you are told to have surgery, do it.  Do not put it off.-Dr.FB