Mama Said Knock You Out!!! LL Cool J Beats Up Home Intruder

Imagine breaking into someone's house and the homeowner whoops your butt good. Now, you look up at the homeowner and it is LL Cool J. That happened to some dummy early this morning.

LL Cool J's heard a disturbance downstairs in his house where he confronted the intruder and used hand to hand combat to take down the burglar. LL's daughter then called the police while her father held down the burglar.

LL broke the man's jaw and nose. Don't mess with LL.

LL Cool J really did knock him out, regardless if his momma told him to or not.

The burglar reportedly wanted to charge LL Cool J with assault. The police advised they will NOT be charging the rapper with anything.

LL Cool J is one bad mutha......-DocFB


Lada Gaga Attacks PETA; Calls Kim Kardashian “Fabulous”

Lady Gaga. Photo: Vogue Hommes Japan Lady Gaga. Photo: Vogue Hommes Japan

PETA's message to Lady Gaga was heard by her loud and clear. The pop singer has fired back her own message to PETA, calling them childish.

PETA sent a message to Gaga that she would be targeted by them for rocking fur coats lately in public. They were alluding to the fact of what they did to Kim Kardashian back in March when they flour-bombed the actress, singer, model, reality star.

To read Gaga's statement to PETA, click on the continue reading button below.


Is Everything Still Everything? Lauryn Hill’s Mugshot Revealed!

Lauryn Hill's mugshot photo from June was just released today. The photo was taken of Hill after failing to pay and file several years of tax returns.

The 37 year old singer pleaded guilty to the charges in Newark, New Jersey in the U.S. District Court back in June.

Hill is free on an unsecured bond for $150,000 and is scheduled to be sentenced on November 27th.-DocFB


It’s Official! Ron Artest Is Now Metta World Peace

Ron Artest World Peace Altered Image. Google.com
Ron Artest World Peace Altered Image. Google.com

Ron Artest World Peace Altered Image. Google.com

I guess we can call him the basketball player formerly known as Ron Artest now that he changed his name to Metta World Peace, right?

After a month delay of being able to change his name to unpaid parking tickets, Ron Artest officially had his name changed to Metta World Peace this morning by an L.A. judge.

Artest filed to change his name 3 months ago.  Now we want a basketball season so we can see if any refs cal la foul on World Peace.  Hmm.-DocFB

Diagnosis:  Is It Too Late To Change My Name From DrFunkenberry?