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Christiano Ronaldo Upset About Vanity Fair Cover?

Vanity Fair Cover Drogba & Ronaldo. Photo:

 So it is being reported that Christiano Ronaldo (not the other guy) is upset about the Vanity Fair cover.  The reason Ronaldo is reportedly upset?  That he is on the cover with another soccer player.  Perhaps because David Beckham would have gotten the cover solo as well? I don’t think anyone else is hating the […]

Sports Boxers & Briefs: Christiano Ronaldo Gets A Hat-Trick

Christiano Ronaldo. Photo:

Christiano Ronaldo pulled a hat-trick yesterday which lead to a come from behind victory against Barcelona yesterday.  The Real Madrid player has come back from injury but still has 25 goals so far.  **************************************************** The Phoenix Suns defeated The San Antonio Spurs in the their Los Suns jerseys to take a 2-0 nothing lead.  No […]