Exclusive! Breaking! Hollywood Legend Debbie Reynolds Rushed To Hospital!

Debbie Reynolds File Photo

Hollywood Legend Debbie Reynolds has been rushed to the hospital late Friday night.

The 81 year old Reynolds was attending a show at the Catalina Jazz Club where her friend Marilyn Maye was performing.

We are being told that Reynolds had an episode in the club and paramedics were called and she was taken to the hospital.

Aside from being a massive Hollywood Legend, Reynolds is the mother of actress Carrie Fisher. (Princess Lea from the Star Wars films plus many more.)

Bob Mackie and film critic Leonard Maltin were also in attendance for the Marilyn Maye show tonight.

Our source says it was kind of scary, saying that Debbie checked out for a minute.

We are being told that it is not a stroke but an episode that occurs once a while to Reynolds.

They feel that Debbie will be OK but that she could use some prayers tonight.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Story developing....