Doctor, Doctor! From Octuplets To Quadruplets



Unreal.  Unfrickenreal.  The doctor who made sure that Nadya Suleman would be a household name with octuplets has done it again!

Dr. Michael Kamrava (bonehead of 2009) transferred seven embryos into a woman who was around 49 years old.  This person is 5 months pregnant. 

They are concerned about Kamrava's practice and if there should be more regulation over fertility doctors.  Hello!

"Historically, we have been very hesitant to regulate anything close to procreation from parents making judgments about how many children they will have and when," said Kirk O. Hanson, ethics professor and executive director of the Markkula Center for Applied Ethics at Santa Clara University.

"However, that worked under a natural process of fertilization and incubation. There are serious questions about whether it works in an era of scientifically enhanced procreation."

The eggs were donated by a woman in her 20's in the the 49 year old. 

For more on this travesty, please go here.

Sigh.  This is just some straight bull.-Dr.FB