Sandra Bullock Feels She Failed As A Wife???

Sandra Bullock.
Sandra Bullock.

Sandra Bullock. Photo: SplashNewsOnline.com

I so hope this is not true.  There is an unnamed source in Sandra Bullock's circle that is saying that Sandra Bullock feels she failed as a wife because of how often she was away from home filming movies. 

Popeater spoke to the source who said;  “When a marriage ends, no matter what the circumstances, you always ask yourself, ‘What could I have done differently?’ That is exactly what Sandra is doing right now.”

I can understand that but it comes down to being a grown ass adult.  Jesse James could have said I would like you to be at home more.  He could have said I desire you sexually and with you not being here, I feel like I might stray.  It's easy for me to be outside of the situation and say what to do but if I am in something like that, I am telling the woman straight up what I want.

If Sandra really feels this is her fault, she is wrong.   It is not.  He may have looked forward to you filming movies so he can get his freak on.  Those who want to cheat, will cheat.   Believe that.-Dr.FB

Team Sandra!