Sandra Bullock Is Preparing To File Divorce Papers

Sandra Bullock harpers bazaar

Sandra Bullock harpers bazaar

Sandra Bullock is moving full steam ahead leaving Jesse James in the past as she is preparing to file for divorce this week.

Sandra never asked Jesse to check into rehab.  It was something that Jesse did on his own thinking it would win Sandra back and it has not so he has bailed.  He already knows in the prenup he signed with Sandra, he gets nothing.

According to sources, Sandra is still highly upset with Jesse for cheating on her. She hasn't softened at all on it and is in fact still deeply angry and hurt. 

Her putting that distance between her and Jesse as soon as the cheating went public was very smart by Sandra.  By not having to see him, she is able to do what she needs to do to move on and be happy. 

Stay strong Sandra.  We love ya.-Dr.FB

Yea, that's right.....Team Sandra!