Game 7

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Is it hard to believe that it was only 2 weeks ago when I said this Lakers/Celtics series would be “one for the ages?” It has, and it has been one for the ages and tonight… the icing on the cake.  Game 7.  It all comes down to one game.  One of, if not the […]

The Angels……

Did the California Angels Los Angeles Angels Of Anaheim prolong the ineveitable by beating the New York Yankees last night? Only time will tell but what a great weekend for sports it is going to be. That game, or games, college football, and pro football. If Yankees don’t close it out on Saturday, all bets […]

The Boston Celtics Eliminate The Bulls In Memorable Playoff Series

The Boston Celtics eliminated the Chicago Bulls from the playoffs after a great playoff series. You are not beating Boston at the Garden when it is game 7.  Said it all along.  Now, the Celtics will play the Orlando Magic on Monday night.  Will Orlando step up or sleep walk like they did against the […]

Boston Celtics Versus Chicago Bulls Last Night…

You all see that triple overtime game last night between the Chicago Bulls and Boston Celtics?  The Bulls won sending it back to the Garden for game 7. I have said all along there is no way you are winning a game at the Garden if you are the road team that is a game […]