The “Fairground” Hooker Madonna Checks Out Hard Candy Gym In Mosow

Madonna made her first public appearance since Elton John in an interview slammed the pop diva, calling her a "fairground" hooker along with a word that rhymes with runt.

Madonna walked the red carpet in Moscow for her Hard Candy Fitness Center there.

She is in Russia with her MDNA world tour.

Madonna took the high road and did not mention Elton John at all. She did greet fans talked about why she chose Moscow for her Hard Candy Fitness Center;

“Well I can say why I chose Moscow. Because I, first of all, I love the city, and I had a very good experience when I came here with my show. And second of all, I feel like people here really have a good work ethic, and are really into fitness and work long hours, and I thought this was a really good place to start a gym.”

We wonder though...do you think her outfit looks like a "Fairground" hooker like Elton John said?-DocFB