Sandra Bullock Holds Off On Divorce Due To Secrets?

Sandra Bullock1  Harpers-Bazaar

Sandra Bullock1 Harpers-Bazaar

Is Sandra Bullock delaying filing for divorce because she is afraid Jesse James will spread secrets about her?  That is the rumor going around Hollywood right now.

It appears on phone calls that the actress has had with her estranged husband before he went into rehab was him getting angry at her for not wanting to stay married.  She is worried that if she files, he would try to spread secrets the actress has and she wants everything to stay private as she has mostly been able to keep her private life private until Jesse's affairs started to happen.

I am curious. Does this happen in real life?  Are you afraid of leaving a spouse due to them spreading rumors and secrets about you? 

What should Sandra do?-Dr.FB