The Miracle At The Hudson River

Days later I am writing this, and it is still amazing after the fact.  Captain Chelsey B.  Sullenberger III is a real hero.

Noticing a bunch of birds heading right into one of the plane's engines and Jeffrey B. Skiles was flying the plane at the time.  Captain Sullenberger took control of the plane and was able to make sure the plane did not capsize while heading into the Hudson river.  It is hard to not flip a plane going that fast into water, but he was able to do it.  He is experienced, but does flight experience really teach you to make a plane be perfectly balanced and not flip?

No one lost a life.  Everyone is still alive.  One person with broken bones.  He was an angel to several people that day.  And yup, he did earn his wings. -Dr.FB

Photo: Gary Hershorn/Reuters)