Kanye West Joins Prince & The NPG Onstage! Watch Now!


Ok, I got a text saying that Kanye West was on stage with Prince at tonight's show in Gothenburg, Sweden for "Way Out West"   We are looking for photos, videos, anything.  This is EPIC.  I hate using that word..but this is!

Here is the first video we have found and you can hear Kanye's rap and hear singer Shelby J. saying "Ain't no party like an NPG party" towards the end.  We hear Kanye's rap was over if "I Was Your Girlfriend" at the concert.

Check out the video.  I am sure there will be more and we will post more as we get it.

UPDATE: Here is a 2nd video we found.....

Diagnosis: Kanye Is Def Watching Prince's Throne