Kanye West Joins Prince & The NPG Onstage! Watch Now!


Ok, I got a text saying that Kanye West was on stage with Prince at tonight's show in Gothenburg, Sweden for "Way Out West"   We are looking for photos, videos, anything.  This is EPIC.  I hate using that word..but this is!

Here is the first video we have found and you can hear Kanye's rap and hear singer Shelby J. saying "Ain't no party like an NPG party" towards the end.  We hear Kanye's rap was over if "I Was Your Girlfriend" at the concert.

Check out the video.  I am sure there will be more and we will post more as we get it.

UPDATE: Here is a 2nd video we found.....

Diagnosis: Kanye Is Def Watching Prince's Throne

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  1. I’m glad NPG pulled the plug on this video…after the treatment Kanye showed Prince & his crew at his [Kanye’s]show, he does not deserve to be on the same planet as Prince never mind the same stage or in the same video!

  2. @ScarletCamille Prince hasn’t lost a thing. Kanye is a great rapper & Prince obviously recognizes that. If you don’t like it, that’s fine, but keep your insults & negative comments to yourself. This is not the place for it.

  3. Two of the greatest artist on stage together. Epic! is the word. Could care less what anyone else on this board says about Kanye. He does speak the truth in his raps.

  4. Proof that P. has lost it, hey-ho’ing to IfIwasyourgirlfriend?!!! One of his most intimate songs, wasn’t butchering it on Oprah not enough, now he let’s Mr. Fishsticks come join, prove he has no talent, not anywhere in his bones and on top of it, ppl here say it was epic. An epic joke, you may mean… Has the world gone totally nuts, what’S next, an Austrian action actor as Californian gouvernor? A bouns for epically failing bankers? Gimme a break!!!

  5. I am suprised Prince gave him stage time, least of all a mic….guess he was just being nice. No matter how hard I try, I just don’t get whats so great about Kanye. I have listened to his music and he is just ok at best…..just saying.

  6. Guess Kanye lacks improvising skills.

  7. Kanye rules!! Thanks for the vids Doc!!


  9. I totally Agree,….. Kanye West?? Who gives a Sh_t.

  10. I was there. Cool version of If I Was Your Girlfriend, nice to see Kanye there, and above all it was a really good concert.

  11. Kanye West? ….Booooo

  12. Omg. Kayne West Said “hell” on a Prince stage… Not good… Spend last weekend at NPG festival in Copenhagen, 4 in 3 days.. Thank u NPG and All other acts in Copenhagen.

  13. I’m lovin this! And I love using the word EPIC especially after EPIC sex!

  14. EPIC indeed. I’ve been to a dozen Prince shows through the years, including 3 on this tour, and this was the best one by far. Prince was on fire. Had he not hit the curfew at 1am (the show began late) he would have played for another three hours. But 30 k people got some of the best two and a half best hours of their lives.

  15. The BEST. The best. Coolest ever.Nice!!

  16. Epic my **s Who the f is Kanye West??

  17. I was there, and got goosebumps when Kanye suddenly was up there. A special moment and marvelous concert. 🙂

  18. Proof that Kanye is absolutely clueless and that his head is still stuck up his A _ _ somewhere! To get onstage with Prince and all you can rap & say is “HELL YEAH?!”
    Here’s a tip 2 Kanye-learn to be respectful! And I woulda kicked Kanye off the stage over Kim and I don’t care for her either!lmao I use to really like Kanye,as well as Chris Brown But their bad behavior turned me off and I really just don’t care what they do or say anymore.
    Thanks for always keeping us informed of the happenings though Doc .
    Don’t work too hard & have a great weekend! 😉

    Is that all he can think to say, hey Ho hey Ho. NO.

  20. I don’t know how you do it, but I LOVE YOU FOR IT. Many thanks Dr!

  21. epic indeed! here is hoping andy allo posts more later

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