Twilight Twitters Too!



The Twilight Saga has been added to the long list of Twitter-ers recently.  There has been a lot of action going on, too.  From Chris Weitz posting photos from the sound mixing stage to photos from Kristen's Allure photoshoot.  In case you have been under a rock over the last year....Twilight is huge and is EVERYWHERE!  Here is the link for all the Twi-heads to follow: http://twitter.com/Twilight.

Other members of the Twilight Saga Team have Twitter accounts, as well.  Alice: http://twitter.com/AshleyMGreene.  Billy Black: http://twitter.com/gilbirmingham Dr. Carlisle Cullen: http://twitter.com/peterfacinelli.  Charlie Swan: http://twitter.com/billy_burke.  Jasper (Jackson Rathbone's band 100 Monkeys): http://twitter.com/100MonkeysMusic.  Eric: http://twitter.com/justinchon.  Angela: http://twitter.com/cserratos.  Laurent: http://twitter.com/iamedigathegi.  The original Victoria: http://twitter.com/RachelleLefevre.  That's all for now kids...if I find more, I will gladly update.  I know how you Twi-heads like to have the up-to-date info on our fave citizens of Forks.  And sorry....there are no "official" Twitter accounts for Rob, Kristen or Taylor.  Again....should I find anything out, I will put you in the know!

On our way to November 20th!!!!  Who's ready?!