Are You Watching The Olympics?

Shaun White and coach Bud Keene
Shaun White and coach Bud Keene

Gold medalist snowboarder Shaun White with his coach, Bud Keene

I'm kind of geting sucked into the Winter Olympics, how about you?

Redhead Shaun White took home gold again in the Snowboard pipe competition. I couldn't believe how high he would get above the pipe! There was some controversy when his expletive-laced celebratory conversation with his coach was broadast on TV, but considering they have been working hard for that result for four years, I think a few expletives are understandable. Watch Shaun's medal-winning runs

Short track speed skating is a blast and one of the most unpredictable events I've ever watched. USA's Apolo Ohno has already grabbed silver and he'll anchor the men's relay later on in the games (the US qualified for the final last night). He makes it look so easy. He's on track to become the most decorated US Winter Olympian of all time. But then again, his sport is never predictable.

Women's downhill skiing was last night and American Lindsey Vonn took home gold after a bone-rattling, slightly out of control run down the mountain (but damn it was fast!). There were a lot of crashes at yesterday's competition (video), including one for Sweden's Anja Paerson that made me want to cover my eyes.

I do appreciate having a DVR when I watch things like the Olympics. Nothing against figure skating, but I usually fast forward through those competitions.

Are you or will you be tuning in to the Olympics? - Dr.FB