Jesse James Released From Rehab; Father Talks When He Shouldn’t

Jesse James.
Jesse James.

Jesse James. Photo: SplashNewsOnline.com

Jesse James came out of sex rehab yesterday looking longer in the beard and...oh my...he was not wearing his wedding ring.  Guess not wearing a ring means divorce papers have been filed, right?

Nothing has been filed yet, so read whatever you want about not wearing a wedding ring.  It's not like he respected the vows he took while wearing it, right?

Aside from that, TMZ yet again got some dirt....that may be kind of useless, depending on if you believe the guy or not.  Jesse James father spoke with TMZ saying that his son was obsessed with Nazi garb and books from a very early age.  He said he gave it to him as a joke.  Um, who gives their son Nazi stuff as a joke?  He said he was surprised he liked it.   He stated that he does not know if he is still obsessed with Nazi stuff as he hasn't spoken to his son in years.  Which is why I said I don't know if you could believe someone who is not on speaking terms with his own son.  Also, this interview sure isn't going to get them closer.

So the main "story" here is Jesse is not wearing his wedding ring.  Neither is Sandra.  Still no word if he is wearign any Nazi garb instead.-Dr.FB