The Oscar Nominees Are…


The Oscar nominations were announced before dawn this morning with "Kings Speech" getting 12 nominations and "True Grit" receiving 10 nominations.

Natalie Portman was nominated for best actress for "Black Swan", and Christian Bale along with Amy Adams were nominated for best supporting actor and actress, respectively for their roles in "The Fighter" while Mark Wahlberg was snubbed.-Dr.FB

For a complete list of nominees, join us after the jump...


2010 Oscar Nominations Announced


The Oscar nominations came out this morning of the event that will be hosted by Steve Martin & Alec Baldwin.

The nominations looked like the Golden Globes and other awards.   The results, however, will be vastly different. 

The biggest surprise?  "The Blind Side" nominated for best picture.   Wow.  I want Sandra Bullock to win her first Oscar, but best picture?  Surprised, but won't win.

For the main awards, the name of "Precious" was mentioned more than "Avatar", but had 9 nominations, but so did "The Hurt Locker" so no domination happened.

For a full list of the nominees, go HERE.  The Academy Awards will be on March 7th.

Was there any movie or person you felt deserved to get nominated and didn't?-Dr.FB