Quincy Jones Plans To Buy Back “Vibe”: Will Not Attend MJ Funeral

Quincy Jones File Photo
Quincy Jones File Photo

Quincy Jones File Photo

If Quincy Jones has his way, and Q usually has in his lifetime, Vibe magazine will be his again. 

Quincy, who started the magazine in 1992, plans to make it an online publication only. The magazine was in the middle of a Michael Jackson Tribute Issue when they were told they had to shut down.  The magazine has been in serious debt for years and with print media becoming a dying breed, it just could not compete.

In other news, Quincy Jones says he does not plan on attending Michael Jackson's private funeral on Sunday. His reason has to do with lately having to bury so many friends lately, it is leaving him sad and he just can't deal with it anymore.

VERY understandable. Quincy was very close to Michael for a huge majority of his life and I am sure he never thought he would be going to his funeral.-Dr.FB