No. 1 Obama & The Election

Yes, We Can.  File Photo
Yes, We Can.  File Photo

Yes, We Can. File Photo

The first African-American President.  One old Vietnam vet.  One Clinton vying to be first female president.  One crazy cook pit bull from Alaska.

Ahh, the 2008 election was fun and was a first, but it also seemed like a bad episode out of Mama's Family and Melrose Place.

The right man won.  To think, it took a bad economy, and a wrongful war to make it happen.  One candidate running on the last President's ideals which were being shot thru finally after 8 years of misdealings.  It took them choosing a vice presidential candidate to excite them and then backfire on them with Sarah Palin. 

Ahh.  Sarah Palin.  Me and Saturday Night Live would like to thank you for the entertainment you provided, and the democratic party would like to thank you is well.

We didn't get anything for Christmas this year, but we sure got what we wanted on November 4th anyway!-Dr.FB