Video: “Stu’s Song” By Ed Helms In “The Hangover”

Here is the song that Ed Helm's performs in "The Hangover"  and EW is saying it is Oscar buzzworthy and I want to agree because it would be cool to see Ed Helms perform it on the Oscar show.

By the way, it was announced "Up" was the number 1 movie, barely beating "The Hangover." A recount was done and actually "The Hangover" was number 1!

I am still shocked how people in Hollywood are saying they did not expect this move to be a hit.  Where the hell have they been?  There has been buzz on this movie for months.  It makes me proud to be from the start supporting this movie and it is GREAT!

Now, for some who haven't seen it, first, why not?  I am telling you it is funny and it's doctor's orders you should see it by the end of the next weekend.  If you haven't seen it, the clip above may have a few spoilers in it, so see it first, then come back and watch it here!

For those who have seen it, what do you think?-Dr.FB

(P.S., right now I feel like I have a hang over as a summer cold is kicking my booty.)