Sports Boxers N Briefs: Cardinals on Holliday

Yesterday, the Cardinals outfielder Matt Holliday chose a bad time to take a holiday as he misplayed what would have been the final out of the game and tie up the series 1-1. Instead, the ball hit him in his biscuits. I have seen it a million times in the playoffs; these things always end up biting you in your bootay. The Dodgers tied it up and then seconds after that won it in dramatic fashion to be up 2-0. My advice to the Dodgers; don't count on this in St. Louis. From the start, put your foot on their throat from the start or else St. Luis will win.

The Angels took it to the Red Sex winning in a 5-0 game that sometimes seemed like it was 10-0, to go up 1-0. The Rockies pulled even with Phillies at one game apiece and is the first road team in the playoffs to win on the road.-Dr.FB