Sports Boxers n Briefs Baseball Playoff Edition

All of the home teams won in the first day of baseball playoffs. The Phillies, Yankees, and surprise surprise, the Dodgers beat the Cardinals, who are favored to win.  We had to hear how Carpenter was undefeated against the Dodgers. Now, we can hear how he is undefeated against the Dodgers....in the regular season only......

The Angels take on the Boston Red Sox and hoping history is not on their side. Historically, The Red Sox own the Angels in the playoffs. The Angels have an angel on their side this year.

In NFL news, Michael Crabtree signed with the San Francisco 49ers. The deal is for 6 years and this is an update from yesterday.......

So, who you got in the playoffs round 1?-Dr.FB


NFL Week 2: Are You Ready For Some Football?

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OK, so here we are week 2 of the season and time for me to make more predictions or what not...just for fun.

Let's see if anything I said last week is true yet;

I said Tom Brady would be Tom Brady and he has. I said Donavon McNabb would get hurt sometime this season and Vick would start. Mcnabb is not playing tomorrow because he is hurt. Michael Vick, however, cannot play until week 3. I picked San Francisco to upset the NFC Champion Arizona Cardinals and they did. So far, you can call me butter because I am on a roll.

Now, let's get to some questions? Are the Panthers that bad? Are the Eagles that good?  We will find out with Carolina this week but since the Eagles do not have Donavon, we won't know.

The game of the week is Cowboys/Giants. It would have been Saints/Eagles if not for McNabb. Tony Romo and the Cowboys open the new Texas Stadium with over a 100,000 fans and the site of the 2011 Super Bowl.

Upsets of the week: Jags over Cards, Rams over Washington, and Baltimore over San Diego. (I really wanted to choose Miami over Indy tomorrow but since it is a Monday Night Game, I chose the Ravens.)

If the Jets didn't talk so much smack, I woulda picked them to upset the Patriots. But talking smack about Tom Brady and the Patriots before a game is like breaking wind on a first date in the presence of your date; You. Just. Don't. Do. It.

Again, this is all in fun and if you have anything you want to add regarding football and the games, please go ahead and do.

Bon Jovi still has not been announced as performers of this years halftime show. Let's make it happen! Have a great Sunday and Go Cowboys!-Dr.FB


Are You Ready For Some Football?

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Football season is here...finally.  I have some thoughts and predictions to share with you and I want to know your favorite team. Mine is the Dallas Cowboys and they are going.....nowhere.  Here are some other predictions and things I am looking forward to;


Hear. Me. Out. You can knock Bon Jovi all you want but you know they have more hits than an adult film site. They have earned their due and if they are not the Halftime Show this year, it will be highly disappointing. The boys from Jersey baby.

THE MADDEN CURSE LIVES: Troy from the Pittsburgh Steelers is on the cover. He is out 6 weeks and it is a painful injury.

BRETT FAVRE's CONSECUTIVE GAME STREAKS ENDS SOMETIME THIS YEAR: Favre's record will fall as he will get hurt.

DETROIT LIONS WIN FIRST GAME IN WEEK 3: The Lions will beat the Washington Redskins week 3 and upset the Bears in week 4. Just watch.

TOM BRADY WILL BE TOM BRADY: The New England Patriots will be the team they were before Tom left. Speaking of which, when do you win 11 games and miss the playoffs? Wow.

FANTASY FOOTBALL PLAYER OF THE YEAR: Aaron Rodgers. You guys are going to laugh now but the guy is going to get you over 30 td's and 5-7 rushing td's. Packers are scary. Super Bowl scary.

MICHAEL VICK WILL START A GAME FOR THE EAGLES: When was the last time McNabb was healthy for 2 years in a row? Just sayin'.

AFC DIVISION WINNERS: New England Patriots, Pittsburgh Steelers, Jacksonville Jaguars, San Diego Chargers, (Wild Card: Tennessee Titans, Buffalo Bills)

NFC Division Winners: Dallas Cowboys (not really but it's my team!), Green Bay Packers, New Orleans Saints, Seattle Seahawks, (Wild Card: Minnesota Vikings, San Francisco 49ers)

You won't believe who I have in the Super Bowl but one of the teams will have my fantasy football player of the year on it.

WEEK 1 UPSETS: Carolina over Philly, Jacksonville over Indy, San Francisco over Arizona.

I am doing this for fun, so you guys can give me some hell over it, but a lot of what I say will happen. Peace! Bon Jovi in 2010 baby!-Dr.FB

(Good luck to everyone's team!)