“Ted 2″ Trailer Released; Hits Theaters In June 2015

Ted 2

The Ted 2 trailer has hit hit the Internet and it looks even more ridiculous than the first..if that was actually possible.

Seth Macfarlene returns as the voice of Ted as does Mark Wahlberg. It looks like there will be no Mila Kunas this time around.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Mila Kunas or not, not sure this one may be the hit the first one was....


Spy Kids 4 Trailer Hits Net; In 3-D &….4-D?


Since when did Antonio Bandaras stop doing the Spy Kids movies?  After the 2nd one?  The Spy Kids 4 trailer has hit and features Jessica Alba and what looks like Joel McHale from "Community" in it.

The movie will be in 3-D and also 4-D, Aroma-Scope, with cards that allow the kids to smell what is going on the movie.  Oh boy.  Hopefully the dog not passing gas or someone throwing up, because, aside from Seth MacFarlane, who wants to smell that?

Don't remember how Spy Kids 3 did, but wonder how many guys will secretly go to it with Jessica Alba in it?-Dr.FB

Diagnosis:  I think I was Dragged To One.  Can't Remember Which One.