Sports Boxers & Briefs: NFL Wild Card Edition

Tony Romo Photo: DallasCowboys.com

We are a month away from the Super Bowl, or where a football game will be played before and after a Katy Perry concert. The NFL playoffs kick off tomorrow with Wild Card Weekend.

We give you our predictions for the games this weekend:

Arizona Cardinals versus Carolina Panthers.

The Panthers have won 4 straight games even though their record is 7-8-1 and are hosting a teams that is 11-5 and is on it's 4th quarterback and might be doing American Idol quarterback auditions next season if Carson Palmer does not get healthy. The Cardinals have lost 4 straight. The Panthers last 4 wins though were against teams that my grandmother could have been playing and would have had better results. With that being said;

Cardinals over Panthers.

Baltimore Ravens versus Pittsburgh Steelers.

We really want to pick the Ravens especially with Steelers running back Bell being hurt. We just don't know if Joe Flacco or James Flacco or James Franco will show up as quarterback tomorrow.

Steelers over Ravens in a close game.

Cincinnati Bengals versus Indianapolis Colts.

The Colts are playing host to the Bengals on Sunday where they whooped Cinci 27-0 earlier in the season. Indy only shows up when it wants to, kind of like Andrew Luck shaving his hillbilly beard. The way the Cowboys smacked down the Colts a few weeks ago when they could have got the number 2 seed is quite pathetic.

Upset Of The Week: Cincinnati over Indianapolis.

Detroit Lions versus Dallas Cowboys.

Even Eminem could not save the Lions from the beat-down they are going to receive Sunday. With everything on the line last week for a division win against the Packers, Matthew Stafford played like Matthew Perry while he needed the confidence of Matthew McConaughey while reading Matthew 5:55.

Lock Of The Week: It would take Jessica Simpson showing up to the game for Dem Boys to lose this game. Dallas Over Detroit.


Diagnosis: Let's see how rusty I am at picking games.


It’s Official! Ron Artest Is Now Metta World Peace

Ron Artest World Peace Altered Image. Google.com
Ron Artest World Peace Altered Image. Google.com

Ron Artest World Peace Altered Image. Google.com

I guess we can call him the basketball player formerly known as Ron Artest now that he changed his name to Metta World Peace, right?

After a month delay of being able to change his name to unpaid parking tickets, Ron Artest officially had his name changed to Metta World Peace this morning by an L.A. judge.

Artest filed to change his name 3 months ago.  Now we want a basketball season so we can see if any refs cal la foul on World Peace.  Hmm.-DocFB

Diagnosis:  Is It Too Late To Change My Name From DrFunkenberry?


Andrew Gallo: Responsible For Angel’s Nick Adenhart’s Death

Mug Shot Andrew Gallo www.TMZ.com
Mug Shot Andrew Gallo www.TMZ.com

Mug Shot Andrew Gallo www.TMZ.com

Andrew Gallo may be responsible for the death of Angel's Pitcher, Nick Adenhart's and two others in a hit-in-run on Thursday. 

According to TMZ, he could be charged with murder as well as vehicular manslaughter, felony hit and run and felony DUI.