Steven Spielberg Releases Trailer For “War Horse”


America has a love relationship with horses, from "Black Beauty" to "Sea Biscuit" (Who said Hilary Swank?  Shame on you!) and it looks like it will continue with "War Horse" the latest movie from Steven Spielberg.

It doesn't interest me too much so it will most likely make a ton of money and be up for a lot of Oscars next year. 

Check out the "War Horse" trailer and let us know what you think.-Dr.FB

Diagnosis:  Wilbuuuuuuur


Angelina Jolie: Most Powerful Celebrity

Angelina Jolie File Photo
Angelina Jolie File Photo

Angelina Jolie File Photo

Move over Oprah! Angelina Jolie has just been named Hollywood's Most Powerful Celebrity by Forbes magazine.

Angelina knocked Oprah from the top of the list where she came in number 2, just ahead of Madonna & Beyonce.  Tiger Woods was the only male in the top 5.  Where did Papa Brad Pitt come in?  9th.  But Jennifer Aniston came in at number 8 ahead of Brad.  Kobe Bryant, Steven Spielberg & Bruce Springsteen round out the top 10.

Interestingly enough, President Barack Obama came in on the powerful celeb list at number 49.-Dr.FB