Spiderman, the Musical!

Spiderman / ©Marvel
Spiderman / ©Marvel

Spiderman / ©Marvel

That's right, a musical based on our web-spinning friend is set to take Broadway by storm in 2010, accordng to this BBC article. The musical will be directed by Julie Taymor, who brought The Lion King to the stage and the music and lyrics will be written by none other than Bono and The Edge. It will reportedly be the most expensive Broadway production to date at $40 million, and will open at the Hilton Theatre, the only venue big enough to contain the skyscraper sets.

Finally, girls! A way to get your guys to take you to the theatre! I know certain men in particular who claim musicals make certain body parts retract into their abdominal cavities. I also know these men will probably be first in line, and I fully expect to catch them humming a showtune or two somewhere down the road.