Remembering Tony Scott & My Thoughts On Suicide…

Director Tony Scott took his own life at 68 years old by jumping off a bridge in San Pedro.

Scott directed "Top Gun", "Pelham123", "Unstoppable", "True Romance", "Crimson Tide" and produced the TV shows "Numb3rs" and "The Good Wife" along with countless other projects.

His brother is also a famous director, Ridley Scott.

Tony had a loving family, a beautiful wife, and to those looking in, a very blessed and wonderful life. Sometimes, the signs of suicide are not as clear and present as you think.

There were reports that Scott had inoperable brain cancer, which have been proven false and denied by the Scott family.

So, what made him take his own life? We may never know. Right now, it does not appear that Scott talked with his family or friends about being depressed or contemplating suicide. In 2010, 2 years to the day, he was filming in San Pedro, and wore the exact same clothes when he took his own life.

It is not like everyone talks about suicide who thinks it. Speaking from experience, I've had a tough year this past year. There were times when just to get to sleep because I had so much running through my head, I would only be able to convince myself to sleep by thinking I would pass away in my sleep and no longer have the problems I was going through. Some people knew I was going through a hard time, others did not. I didn't tell anyone about my thoughts. Perhaps Scott didn't as well.

I have fought through these feelings and although things are still bad, I still keep pushing to make things better.

I wish Scott and others could reach out and perhaps get help. Perhaps like me, he did not want to burden others with his troubles. Sometimes, the warning signs are not really there.

It could be a kid getting bullied at school or a 68 year old director who takes their own life. One is not sadder than the next. We are all humans. Others, however, lack human compassion. They lack the simple knowledge to LOVE one another and help one another. They look the other way. Some do get it. The thing is, as a society, we gravitate towards the negative. From message boards to who we respond to on Twitter. Most celebs react and respond to the negative feedback on Twitter instead of the positive. Since when was taking compliments a bad thing?

Tony Scott's life was a blessed one, regardless of how it ended. My only hope is that if others are contemplating suicide, they try to reach out. That is why I put in my thoughts on this into it. I want to live life and achieve more than I have and I do not want to give up until I do.

Hopefully, Tony's passing, and my message about suicide helps others. The body of work he has left will be enjoyed for lifetimes to come. The answer to why he took his own life however, may not.-DocFB