Commentary On The Recent Suicides In Hollywood

Marie Osmond. Photo: TheInsider.com

Marie Osmond. Photo: TheInsider.com

Marie Osmond. Photo: TheInsider.com

Remember the saying 2 is a coincidence and 3 is a trend?  We might be having a bad trend in Hollywood right now.

Marie Osmond's 18 year old son Michael Blosil took his own life at the beginning of the weekend by jumping out of a window here in Los Angeles.  Andrew Koening, the former star of the 80's sitcom hung himself in Vancouver, Canada.  Alexander McQueen, the up and coming fashion designer took his own life by hanging himself by one of his own designs.

Each battled with death or depression in thier life and only in one case was a note left.  These cries for help, why are they not being answered or treated?  Was the help simply not available or was it more than that? 

I got chastised on my own blog for my feelings on Alexander McQueen's suicide.  Although this is a celebrity news site, it is formed in my opinion, as most blogs are.  The attacks that I do not know what he went through or I did not havea tough life was utter BS.

I was not making light of his situation and these other suicides that have followed.  I was trying to show my anger of what transpired.  I have seen a lifeless body on the ground after they jumped and took their own life 2 days before Christmas.  I have talked a woman who took over 60 pills to kill herself and convince her to let the paramedics help her.

What I am about to share with you all is why feelings of suicide are so strong;  My mother used to threaten to kill herself all the time.  I was about 12 years old and I did not live with her but she would call me and tell me that she was planning on doing it tonight.  She would try to explain to me how she was going to do it. 

The first time she brought up stuff like that was when I was 8 years old.  My grandmother allowed her to take me to McDonald's and my happy meal soon turned into a God is evil meal.  I'm 8.  All I want is my little cheeseburger n toy.  But I got lectured on how if you believe in God, he is going to burn my bed and she is ending her life.

When I was 14, my grandmother went to visit my mother because she had not heard from her in a while.  I knew what was going on because my mom wrote me letters that she was going to starve herself.  Needless to say, when my grandmother found my mother, she was extremely skinny and was in dire shape.  They got her to the hospital and did get her help.

My mother is still alive and all that suicide talk is gone but I can't forget the past and all the threats she made.  The reason I am sharing this experience with you is that I always took her threats seriously and it made me very sad and angry.  It is really hard for me to write this right now but I feel I must.

What is going on in Hollywood is a trend and it needs to stop.  If you or a loved one are battling suicidal thoughts or depression, PLEASE GET HELP!!  This is not only trouble in Hollywood, but all over the world.  There are people who care about you.  Remember that.  No matter how bad things are,  know that someone cares about you.

In the United States, The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline  is 1-800-273-TALK (8255).  Call them.  Please get the help you need. 

If any readers in other countries know of other hot-lines, please leave it in the comments and I will add the number to the story.

Please, let's try to stop this trend now together.-Dr.FB