4 People Missing At Sea; 2 NFL Players & 2 Others No One Else Is Talking About

4 people are missing at sea right now in the Gulf Coast of Florida.  2 people you may have heard of and 2 people you still may not have heard of.

Oakland Raiders linebacker Marquis Cooper and defensive end Corey Smith were in a boat with two others that left Clearwater, Florida early Saturday morning.  Family members called the Coast Guard early Sunday morning and the Coast Guard advised there was no distress signal.

The Coast Guard is searching for the boat but heavy winds are making it hard for them to search.

This is what I could find out about the other 2 men; Will Bleakley is 25 years old and Nick Schuyler is 24 years old and both played for the University of South Florida college football team.

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All 4 people are in my thoughts.-Dr.FB

UPDATE; Nick Schuyler was found alive. Searching for other 3 now.