Nikka Costa & Sheryl Crow A No Show

Sheryl Crow & Nikka Costa did not perform at the “Heroes For Autism” show last night with Wendy & Lisa.

We heard Sheryl Crow backed out on Friday and did not hear anything about Nikka until we were there.

WTH?  Does anyone know what happened before I go off?-Dr.FB



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  • Me
    Posted at 16:55h, 21 April

    I KNEW there was a good reason 4 both not attending. They all have EXCELLENT track records of generosity and professionalism. 2 even ASSUME otherwise speaks more of the individual making the ASS-umption than the artists involved. Personally, i enjoyed watching and listening Band from TV, and @ least 3 of the actors on the stage were NOT has beens, they r VERY current and obviously generous as well since i am sure that they, like those of us who attended, could’ve been elsewhere, but instead, they went there and gave generously and selflessly of their time & talents. I will NEVER understand why some folk go & spend money that they can’t afford 2 spend and then take it out on the artists when he/she doesn’t per4m as those spending the money expected them 2. There have been MANY times that i have not been able 2 attend a show i WANTED 2 go 2 but $$ was kinda tight, so i did the ADULT thing & made the RESPONSIBLE choice and left my money in the bank where i could use it 4 the things i NEEDED. Go ahead & spit ur venom, but the only person ur really posioning is urself, & ur kids if they have 2 live with ur irrational resentments!!!
    I had a gr8 time and Lisa, Wendy, Dave, SUSANNAH!!!!!! & all the rest were FANTASTIC. But, if ur looking @ life thru shit colored glasses, well i guess everything loox kinda shitty!!!

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  • nikka
    Posted at 13:25h, 21 April

    hey all,

    just wanted to clear up why i wasnt there…i got sick and on the 100 degree day of the show was under my down comforter with a 102 fever shivvering my ass off! i can count the amount of times ive cncelled a show or appearance so you know it was bad if i didnt think i could make it.
    sorry for everyne who was ooing forward to it…i was too 🙂
    the good news at least is that hard earned dollars didnt just go to some promoters and agents…it is a worthy cause and a tax write off so hopefully that eases the sting a bit.
    peace in the middle east y’all

  • Sbacon1999
    Posted at 17:58h, 20 April

    Shame they didn’t appear. There was this note on Wendy & Lisa’s blog:

    (Regret: scheduled special guest Sheryl Crow is unable to attend due to a conflict in scheduling.)

    So what happened to Nikka?

  • Vitamin J
    Posted at 17:00h, 20 April

    Wow. I’ve been searching the web all day to find a place to vent. I’ll one up you, Dr. Funkenberry, kind sir, whoever you are. I was sold on this event, without a shred of doubt, as an unannounced appearance by Prince. And also Dave Grohl, in addition to Crow and Nikka Costa. Imagine my disappointment after flushing $100 on tix (as well as $75 for a babysitter.) I was livid. Insult to injury – two performances over 3.5 hours by the WORST groups ever, with consistent teasing to some sort of special guest appearance. Oh the joy of listening to Band from TV (?) play covers of Kid Rock doing covers of covers. Banned from music, I say. Keep it in the garage, has-been nobodies!! They played “The Devil Went Down to Georgia”. Georgia! This was a nightmare and fucking rude. Wendy and Lisa’s performance was first-week-of-Idol bad, with the first 10 (!) minutes a tv commercial for Heroes. Deception………

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