Video: Michael Jackson “This Is NOT It”

Here is a campaign started by Michael Jackson fans entitled; “This Is Not It” and either features some pretty powerful stuff or some off the wall (no pun intended) claims, depending on who you are.

I ask you to watch it and give your honest opinion. They have a better clip on the site ThisIsNOTIt but not for me to embed or other sites. They may want to change that OR contact me to where it is and I will gladly put it up.

For now, watch this and let me know what you think. Randy Phillips, where you at?-Dr.FB



  • ThinkPeople1
    Posted at 00:30h, 16 November

    I think this web site has very poor substantiation for what these persons are calling the truth. I say very poor substantiation because they are making drastic allegations without hard facts. For instance –
    – They allege that MJ was using drugs after rehearsals and that he was taking them himself and not being given them. They sited the evidence as the fact that they saw him and he looked groggy and sometimes confused and glassy eyed. Guess he couldn’t have just been tired from rehearsing for hours or have low blood sugar because he wasn’t or hadn’t eaten. No it had to be that he was taking drugs on his own and not being given drugs by anyone else.
    – They recognized that he was being given drugs at night by AEG/Sony but stated it was so AEG/Sony could keep him going and together so he could rehearse during the day. It couldn’t be that he was ever still under the influence during the day of some of these drugs they were giving him at night. Also, they couldn’t be giving him these drugs to break him down or keep him under their control so they could successfully exploit him. Or better yet, could it have been that they knew they were going to kill him so needed to be able to say he was using drugs and killed himself with his drug use so they gave him drugs at night so they could film him during the day having the side effects and acting impaired. No, according to them that couldn’t be it, instead he asked for these drugs at night and made them drug him up and they gave him the drugs because they were trying to help him keep together (likely story).
    – They stated that MJ was very depressed and upset about the 50 shows and alleged he knew he could not do 50 shows. What I read gave me the impression they were trying to make us think MJ was so upset that he could have had a hand in his own death.
    – They dwelled a lot on MJs weight alleging that it was only 108 lbs though the autopsy said he was 138lbs.

    My overall impression is that the ThisisNotIt website was not created by any MJ fans or anyone who cares about MJ. I feel it was created by some of the MJ murder conspirators. This web site is laced heavily with poisons designed to aid the MJ murder conspirators in an allaby or defense to help them in a murder trial should one come about.

    I strongly believe MJ was murdered. I strongly believe that more than Dr. Murray are the purpetrators. I have very strong doubts about drug abuse where MJ is concerned. No evidence from ones in his inner circle. No drug abuse behavior. Autopsy showed no evidence of drugs except those Dr. Murray gave him.

    It seems drugs are usually always involved in the untimely death of celebrities. Wonder how much of it is real and how much is planted by the murderer wanting to get away with the murder.

    MJ was against drugs. MJ was raising kids. MJ has hundred and thousands of home videos showing him with no evidence in sight of anything near drugs.

    I think you’re gonna have a hard time. Think GOD may be on his side. And that says, YOU WON’T WIN!!!

    MJ fans, if you want to do something to help MJ now, then let’s all pray to MJ’s God – JEHOVAH. Let’s pray that these wicked, money hungry, greedy murderers and their vile plot get exposed and they all go down hard. It’s possible you know. Because they are quite transparent!!! Even the so called MJ fans on the This is Not It website.

    We can all do as MJ said — We can all “CRY/PRAY AT THE SAME TIME”. There is a lot lot lot of power in prayer. They would never be able to defeat it. They would go down hard and we would, I mean definitely would find out the truth about MJ if we did. You can believe that.

    Let’s set a date. Let’s say no matter were we are in the world on DECEMBER 1, 2009 at 6:00 PM Los Angeles, California time (That means 9:00 PM Eastern Standard Time and so on) may we stop to pray to MJs God – JEHOVAH for justice for MJ and relief for his family. Pray that all those involved in his demise be exposed and that we be able to arrive at the truth and the whole truth in what happened to this kind loving soul. MJ fans that want to help MJ, this will help. Then let’s all have faith that MJs God – Jehovah WILL give us what we ask for. Nothing will be able to stop it. Nothing. BELIEVE THAT! ! !

  • Kimber
    Posted at 13:13h, 01 November

    i am already a great fan of Michael Jackson ever since i was just a little kid. i would really miss the King of Pop –

  • Kakayla
    Posted at 17:34h, 31 October

    Howdy. Outstanding job. I didn’t anticipate this post.

  • Jeneva Kay
    Posted at 09:18h, 26 October

    I totally believe that many people knew that Michael was not fit to undertake a huge tour, and needed medical attention by real doctors caring for his health. The media spent countless hours during his life, concentrating on discrediting him, and breaking him down. They made bank with covers, headlines, and insane atricles. I didn’t feel a bit bad for “Hollywood” footing any bill for his memorial since they’re the ones who took his life from him, even while he was still alive.

  • Anxiety Disorder Health
    Posted at 23:56h, 16 October

    | Michael Jackson is truly the King of Pop. i am a die hard fan of him and we are going to miss him now that he is gone.

  • mystery78
    Posted at 16:10h, 15 October

    He was murdered you jackasses! He didn’t have a drug problem! So fuck off u didnt give a shit when he was alive!

  • pelicankiss
    Posted at 01:31h, 14 October

    I’m thoroughly convinced that there is more to the story concerning Michael’s final days. While I’m sure their intentions are good, I really wish they would all just let the man rest in peace.

    And Doc, double check the link that you have in your article.

    Thanks again for the news!

  • Amalia
    Posted at 00:15h, 14 October

    Does anyone realize how hard it is to help someone that does not want help? I am sure he had some real friends and loving family members that tried to help him. It is very hard to help someone on drugs.

  • NakedMuscl3
    Posted at 23:20h, 13 October

    Wow, I just hope the TRUTH comes out .

  • Phin
    Posted at 22:25h, 13 October

    I believe 100% in this. Michael was let down by everyone who “cared” about him – family, staff, minders, doctors, hangers-on. They just wanted his money and a sniff of what he had. Such a tragedy.

  • curiouschile
    Posted at 22:12h, 13 October

    Thank you for this information; I tend to agree with much of Velo’s
    commentary. Yet, I’d take it a step further. I believe EVERYONE
    leached/mooched off of Michael, even his family. Talk of a family reality show, Jermaine’s lies about the big benefit to take place in Michael’s honor, Janet’s expected release of a book, and the timing of her #1’s
    album all seem a little hard for me to take. I enjoyed, ” This is NOT it, ”
    and found solice in it’s poignancy. Very interested in what the future holds here. So sad. xoxo -c-c-

  • Velo
    Posted at 21:03h, 13 October

    Thank you, again, for spreading the word on This-Is-NOT-It.

    The testimonials on their site are definitely worth the read.

    Does Michael bear responsibility? Yes, of course. He was human, not deity. However, we all know that Michael Jackson is not physically capable of obtaining drugs, legal or otherwise, on his own. Many of these drugs could not have been, and were not, administered by his own hand.

    The fans outside the arena saw him every day. They saw it. They knew he was in great danger. They were turned away as soon as word got to those in control that their dirty little secret got out. They knew, and they did nothing. Like I’ve said before, they either knew full how this would play out, or they were blinded by profit margins and chose delusion over reality.

    Michael Jackson did not need to be at the center of a tour. He needed to be at the center of a rehabilitation program. He was surrounded by leeches and vampires – lined up so deep not even his family could get near him. There are questions, and those questions need to be asked and answered. There will never be justice here, but it would be disgraceful to his memory, his legacy, and everything he gave of himself to us for the past 45 years to not ask these questions, and demand answers.

    We love you most, Michael.

  • Amalia
    Posted at 20:37h, 13 October

    I do believe that the people surrounding MJ did not have his best interests at heart and they were driven by profit, but at some point we have to face the fact that MJ had choices, and he made the wrong ones.

  • Cory
    Posted at 20:31h, 13 October

    I believe this.

    Thanks Doc!

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