Quote Of The Moment: Jimmy Fallon On J. Lo Divorce

Jennifer Lopez File Photo

Jennifer Lopez File Photo

“Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony announced they are getting a divorce.  Marc is getting the car….and J.Lo is getting the junk in the trunk.”

-Jimmy Fallon on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon


Diagnosis:  Easy But(t) Funny



  • Myles Matisse
    Posted at 07:21h, 20 July

    It almost looks like J’Lo’s booty has been digitally enhanced in the photo to make it look even bigger than Kim Kardashian’s. Having seen and been an admirer of Ms. Lopez’ derriere (as well as other ASS-ets), is her booty really THAT big? They say the color black is slimming. I guess you could say, judging from J’Lo’s picture, that the color white is PHAT-ening. LOL.

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