Sports Boxers & Briefs: Are The Raiders Coming Back To L.A.?

It was a unanimous vote in Los Angeles yesterday for AEG to build a football stadium that will cost the L.A. tax-payers next to nothing.  The one thing; they will not build the stadium next to the Staple Center until a football team agrees to move there. 

It was rumored the St. Louis Rams and The Minnesota Vikings were wanting to move there, but with each time having a contract with each of their cities, it is not likely going to happen.  Then which two teams are favored to move to Los Angeles?  A hint; both are already in California.

According to ESPN Analyst Adam Schefler, the two teams most likely to move to Los Angeles are The Oakland Raiders or The San Diego Chargers.  Sigh.

I know a lot of people who would love for the Raiders to move back to L.A.  Friends Big Game Dave and GK Raider come to mind.  As A Dallas Cowboy fan, I don’t really care either way.  I would have loved for L.A. to get the Rams and rename them.  Say rename them the L.A. Express to take it back to the old USFL days.  A lot of baggage comes with the Raiders.  I am not calling Al Davis baggage but having to deal with him is not exactly a cake walk. 

I know L.A. wants a football team again but do they want the Raiders?-Dr.FB

Diagnosis:  Anyone Else Baby?  Ok Ok, Just Win Baby



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  • mesher12
    Posted at 11:18h, 04 November

    Raider fan till death I say no matter were they go ill b there to support them. But it would b a dream cometrue if the raiders move back to. L.a. plus there is a hole lot of fans out here so they won’t have a problem selling tickets and filling them seats financially well taken care of …
    Now the chargers well no support for them in our city so don’t think they will get any fan to support them like a raider fan supports there team…. I say if the chargers plan to moving well I say you guys are a lot. Better moving to t.j. the tijuana chargers sounds good dosent it….
    Raider nation world wide…….

  • Mike
    Posted at 02:39h, 22 August

    I’m a big Raider fan and if they move back I will buy 10 season tickets to support the team, if the Chargers move to LA then I will buy 4 season tickets so I can see my Raiders play and I will use my tickets to sell them to fans that there team comes to play but no support for the Charger fans and I can see most Raider fans doing the same.

  • Sonny
    Posted at 15:09h, 14 August

    Just like a charger fan talking about last seven yearsand making excuses for getting swept, were youplaying or something? Cause I didnt see you. Lol … You miss the point, I would prefer the raiders and any other teams other then the chargers. I dont feel chargers have what it takes to call los angeles home, thats why they left after one season. I am born and raised in l.a. and I think chargers are a losing franchise, I want a team to represent l.a. thats got some spunk

  • Raisin212k
    Posted at 14:47h, 14 August

    Like who, the Raiders? Spunk? Sure, if you take off the S in the beginning. The Raiders got swept SEVEN YEARS IN A ROW by the Chargers. What? Last year where the Raiders swept the div? Didn’t San Diego’s special teams hand them two free games? Raiders fans think that was all Raiders skill? Either way, Oakland is a dump and Davis actually said he WOULD entertain the idea of moving back, contrary to what you believe. The reason the Chargers are being talked about is because AEG wants them the most and keeps talking about them, even tho the Chargers have said nothing but no, no NO. Even with a minority share on the market earlier this year, it wouldn’t have moved the team.

  • Sonny
    Posted at 19:18h, 11 August

    Am I the only one to notice, nobody seems to want chargers here, personally I want raiders to come back, but I would welcome any other team but chargers, they seem to be a worthless franchise. Just my opinion, but l.a. needs a team with some spunk.

  • Dara
    Posted at 14:05h, 10 August

    I also grew up cheering for the Raiders and still do… hopelessly devoted to Mr Davis and his beautiful Silver and Black Raiders.
    Whether they come or not – I will always be a Raiders fan – if another team comes to LA – I’m not going to switch teams, just because they’re local – sorry – but it will be great for those who feel they need a local team to cheer for.

    I honestly had hoped, for my husband, that the RAMS would be the team, at least he could see them locally & seeing him smile, makes me smile. (i can drive 6 hrs to see my team if i want and he can’t) …

    I also agree with Chris’ statement – Al Davis would probably never agree to return, especially with AEG requesting a 30 year commitment (?) wow … who’s gonna go for that?

    I hope someone does soon … it will still be great for our city of Angels. 🙂

  • Chris G
    Posted at 12:07h, 10 August

    I grew up cheering for the LA Raiders. I have continued that loyalty because they were my team and I didn’t have another home team to root for. Since getting my heart broken in 2002 by Rich Gannon’s 6 INTs in the Super Bowl, being a Raiders fan has been excruciating. Al Davis has made bad move after bad move.

    I have kept my loyalty through all of this, and will continue if they move back to LA. But I’ll tell you what, I will sell every piece of Raiders merchandise I own if the Chargers come to town. At least they are trying to win!!

    And it looks like that will be the case. Al Davis’ ego won’t let him move back to LA, he’s way too stubborn to come crawling back. AEG wants to get a team signed by June and playing in either the Rose Bowl or Collesium by next season, and the Chargers really are the only fit for that quick of a timeline.


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