Breaming! PRINCE Previews & Chats About As Yet Untitled New Album!


Legendary music reviewer and interviewer Jon Bream was invited to Paisley Park late Saturday night in Minneapolis to listen to the new “untitled” PRINCE album. Jon Bream was handing Prince awards and accolades long before a majority of the world had a chance to. You could call Bream a Prince historian, so to speak.

Bream wrote about his experience he had late last night for the Star Tribune, also having to write a review for the Bruno Mars show he saw earlier in the night.

Bream talks about the phone call he got to be at Paisley Park around midnight to listen to the new record and how he is now on Prince time. Warner Bros executives unfortunately are not on Prince time and the music icon has had a hard time reaching them in regards to the new album and more than likely the 30th anniversary remastering of “Purple Rain” due for release sometime this year, right WB?

After 1 A.M., Bream was escorted into studio B at Paisley where the 3RDEYEGIRL members were along with their spouses including the producer of the new Prince record, Joshua Welton who Prince described as a rising producer. His tour manager and a Fox 9 reporter were there as well.

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The song’s Bream remembered were “The Gold Standard”, a song that reminded Bream of an update classic Prince with percolating electric funk.

While the album was being played, Prince called into studio B to talk with Bream over a speaker phone. He told Bream about the album “I finally have something that is a cohesive statement.” This is where Prince voiced his displeasure with not being able to reach top Warner Bros. executives and let his voice be heard again why radio today sucks with songs being 6 months old and radio programmers directors even direct them.

Another song called “This Could Be Us” was inspired by a Prince meme of him and Apollonia riding on his motorcycle from the movie “Purple Rain” which Bream called a joyful ballad with ecstatic Prince vocalizing.

A remix of “Funk & Roll” was played which Bream thought was nastier and funkier than the original. Another track played was a duet with Rita Ora which Bream said had rapping in it. They also talked about Ora’s several endorsement deals which including a new deal with DKNY last week in New York. “Time is Money” for sure.

Prince asked Bream about him having money for the new album but told him he had plastic since he went to Bruno Mars earlier in the night and that wiped out his cash. Prince replied “We don’t take plastic around here.”

Just like that, the night seemed to be over and Prince asked the crew if they were hungry and they replied “no” and Prince said “Good. Then I don’t have to cook for you again.” What, they couldn’t take a late night drive to Perkins or something? Hmm.

We are sure as Bream remembers more about that night, he will write an updated article about it or talk about it in a video.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Nothing was discussed about 3RDEYEGIRL’s as yet unreleased “PLECTRUMELECTRUM” along with this new Prince CD and the “Purple Rain” remaster and in some part, it has to do with “Prince time” and Warners trying to be reached unsuccessfully. Would it really hurt the label to give out a cell number of one exec who could be reached at all hours to make sure these projects come to fruition? Just curious.



  • RadioDazed
    Posted at 15:10h, 25 June

    Prince should start his own radio network, brokering time for starters. A new approach to traditional radio is what no one has attempted. Christian Slater in ‘Pump Up the Volume’ is one example; conversation with listeners, and great music that is not heard on other stations.

  • BigTallWall
    Posted at 09:24h, 23 June

    Must include Father’s Song. And the B-sides 17 Days, Erotic City, God, Another Lonely Christmas, god instrumental and Computer Blue long Hallway version would be the ultimate !!! Please Prince give us what we want.

  • RadioDazed
    Posted at 09:22h, 23 June

    College Radio still plays new music before any other outlet.  Prince should send his new music, and the new music of others, to College Radio stations.  Prince should consider a College tour as well.  Show College populations (and even high schools) what real music is like; they are smart enough to notice, and young enough to care for a long time.
    Program directors try to mpress others by composing lists of songs that, sort of, ‘fit’ together.  It’s not too unlike record store nerds sitting around dazzling one another with various song ‘list’ ideas.  But nerds have love for real music that program directors do not have.
    Let’s demand better content on and better use of ‘the public airwaves’, which have been a sad mess for too many years.

  • BigTallWall
    Posted at 09:07h, 23 June

    We want the new Prince CD ASAP. We want it to have the BreakDown on it. We want the Plectrum Electrum CD, with Live Out Loud on it. And we want the Remastered Purple Rain CD with Let’s Go Crazy Extended Version, Electric Intercourse, All Day All Night, Sex Shooter Extended, The Bird and Jungle Love and most importantly Dez Dickerson’s Modernaire.

  • CoreyDreCovington
    Posted at 03:40h, 23 June

    Always somebody else’s fault..huh Doc?

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